For Unoriginal Seether, It Helps To Have An Angle

Michael Deeds of The Idaho Statesman isn’t impressed with the line frontman Shaun Morgan is sharing linking himself to Nirvana’s Kurt Cobain. “Suicide remains a convenient link for Seether, though, because it’s exactly what destroyed singer-guitarist Kurt Cobain of Nirvana — the band Seether strives to imitate,” Deeds said. “Of course, you can’t really blame the band too much for that. Sounding like Nirvana has translated into major record sales for other unoriginal acts ranging from Creed to Puddle of Mudd.” has since removed the article.

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One thought on “For Unoriginal Seether, It Helps To Have An Angle

  1. J Michael D says:

    Okay, whoever this Michael Deeds idiot is has NO idea what he’s talking about, if he followed the band and LISTENED to the music, then he’d know that it was Frontman Shaun Morgan Welgemoed’s brother Eugene that sadly ended his life and Shaun wrote a song from the “Finding Beauty In Negative Spaces” album called “Rise Above This” for his brother in hopes of helping him out. You want to talk about unoriginal, how about all these other wannabe’s that show up sounding and looking like everyone else, they win awards they don’t deserve then they disappear until some new face shows up to replace them, and the cycle continues. Seether, Creed and Puddle Of Mudd are all bands that have music that means something and they have all been around for quit a few years now, so this guy needs to go continue to be a closet Back Street Boys fan and stick to writing what he knows (Which I’m shore isn’t much)

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