Foo Fighters Win Best Hard Rock Performance Grammy

The took home best hard rock performance at the Grammy Awards on Sunday for ‘All My Life’. Frontman Dave Grohl said in accepting the award, “Oh, yeah. You never really think that you are going to actually win these things, at least we don’t. But I guess I’d like to thank first of all everyone on our label, and Jamison and Clive and Bruce and Gottlieb, and everyone in our management, and our families. Moms and dads. Brothers and sisters. Lovers and. Lots of lovers. But I’d like to thank my girl Jordan who I wrote all the songs about, this girl right here. So that’s, she’s to blame. But most of all, I’d really like to thank the person that saved this album and made it happen, his name is Nick R., he produced our album, he’s the greatest rock producer around and Nick, you made it happen, if it wasn’t for you we’d be screwed man, so thank you very much.”

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