Foo Fighters Chris Shiflett Checks In

guitarist Chris Shiflett checked in with fans on the band’s official site message board Monday where he told fans, “Hey! Not much going on in Los Angeles at the moment. we’re in the home stretch with the record but it’s not done yet. I’ve been spending my days dreaming of surf. Apparently this is the worst winter season in recent memory and there’s been absolutely no waves! Oh well. I went on a little trip to Utah with my girlfriend’s family to go snowboarding and I learned that ice really fu**ing hurts. somehow we’ve been busy running around doing little things. We’re getting some cats next weekend. I loaned my friend Dave’s band (the history of…) some guitars when they went into the studio last week to work on their new demo. they’re a really cool new band up in Santa Barbara that are verging on a record deal. Look for ’em. I’m not going anywhere for a while cuz I want to stay home and try to get in shape to do some more fights (boxing, that is). We’ll see if I’m ever ready. I just started training at a new gym with a new trainer and it’s been really fun. alright, i’m going to the beach now to stare at lake pacific. Bye bye.”

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