Flyleaf’s Seals On Touring With Korn

bassist Pat Seals spoke with Australia’s Time Off magazine about touring with on the Family Values Tour last year, an odd match for a Christian screamo rock band and a band who whose frontman Jonathon Davis has railed against the Christian right and lost born again guitarist Brian ‘Head’ Welch. “I guess Korn and the rest of the world have a lot in common, as opposed to us,” Seals explained. “We’re not trying to shove what we’re saying down people’s throats. It is what it is. The message of Jesus is about love, really – we try and show these bands love and they show it back to us. But one night on tour our drummer [James Culpepper] and I watched a DVD of a really early Korn gig. Seeing those guys as kids, and then spending time on tour with them as rock legends – all of the members are growing and finding themselves in a new light, I think.” The article at has since been removed.

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