Fly Screen Chats With The Vines, Foo Fighters & QOTSA

This week’s edition of Fly Screen featured interviews with Big Day Out acts including the Vines frontman Craig Nichols who didn’t want to talk about fighting with his bandmate Patrick, or getting booted from the Tonight Show by Jay Leno. Craig says they are looking forward to their next album, and they want to include some electronica — if it can work.

Next up they spoke with Nate and Taylor of the . They say they love playing Australia, the best place in the world. They also talked about their last video ‘Times Like These’, which featured a bunch of fans playing as extras.

They then spoke with Nick and Troy from Queens of the Stone Age. Troy says the Perfect Circle album, his side project, is nearly done. As for Taylor Hawkins comment that the QOTSA album was a Foo Fighters rip-off, they said he had to be joking. They also chat with The Music. has since removed the video.

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