Floyd Drummer Predicts Pink Floyd Will Return

In late October of 2004, Pink Floyd drummer Nick Mason was interviewed for the UK’s Teletext service. This is part of the ITV television network, and is a text-based precursor to the Internet, being broadcast alongside the TV signals, and viewable on most TVs in the UK.

The interview, by Alistair Clay, seems to contradict most of the other recent interviews undertaken by Nick. Starting with the assertion that “rock veterans Pink Floyd will regroup to record new material, predicts drummer Nick Mason”, he is quoted as saying:

“We’re not working on any new material at the moment but there is stuff already written that we will take a look at. Our next project is to put together a DVD of the band and then promote that, but we will tour again, just not quite yet.” Also, David Gilmour and Rick Wright have been tight lipped about their solo projects as has Pink Floyd’s management Pink Floyd Management.

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