Flea Of Red Hot Chili Peppers Talks To Capital FM

Bass player and original band member Flea, spoke with Capital FM in London about life in the limelight and the changing line-up over the past 20 years. Asked if it becomes harder to tour the older he gets, Flea said, “I just love to play music and I don’t really think in terms of those things. When I’m playing music with my band, I try to let go of everything else except playing the music. The love that I have for the people that I’m away from only becomes deeper in my parting from them. We’ve always toured a lot. Sometimes it is difficult, but sometimes it is phenomenally rewarding. Sometimes it’s grueling and soul crushing, and sometimes it is the most uplifting experience of my life. Everyone’s got to work! I wouldn’t be doing it if I wasn’t enjoying it.” Capitalfm.com has since removed the transcript.

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