Flea Doesn’t Like Sau Paulo Air, But Likes The People

Flea of the checked in with fans on ‘Flea Mail’ on the groups official website after some thought he dissed Sau Paulo, Brazil, where the group recently performed. “It was brought to my attention that some people thought that I did not like Sau Paulo or that I insulted Sau Paulo,” Flea said. “I just said the air was dirty and polluted. It is, was. I come from Hollywood, California . The air is dirty there too. I grew up in dirty air, it makes me feel at home. That doesn’t mean I like it. I don’t like it. I prefer to breathe clean air. I love Sau Paulo the people there are and were beautiful when we were there. I don’t put a lot of thought in to these Flea mails, I just type ’em and press send on the computer. I had a great time in Sau Paulo it is a great metropolis. I just prefer the nature life. I am a nature boy.” Redhotchilipeppers.com has since removed the article.

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