Flea Comments On Kiedis Having Sex With His Sister

bassist Flea opened up about bandmate Anthony Kiedis sleeping with his sister, which the frontman wrote about in his book ‘Scar Tissue’, which was released while the band were making their new album ‘Stadium Arcadium’. “First time I opened it there was a passage saying something nice about me. Fine,” Flea said. “Second time I picked it up… he’d slept with my sister. I found that offensive. That’s been a little scuttlebutt around my family. I mean I don’t care he sleeps with my sister. I hope he had a good time. But when you have a shared history it’s hard to read one man’s version of it. The book came out while we were writing the album and I couldn’t read the rest of it because I didn’t want the bad feelings to compromise that.”

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