Flea And Smith Disagree On New Album Sounding Pop

John Williams of Jam! Showbiz recently spoke with the bassist Flea and drummer Chad Smith. When asked if ‘By The Way’ has the group moving away from the fist-pounding funk-rock to more melodic, atmospheric, pop songs, Flea and Chad Smith gave opposite responses. “Well, you’re right, you’re totally right,” said Flea. “You can just say that’s where we were at, and that’s where collectively we connected in the space. The music that we write, it’s never something we plan on or think about, it’s just something that happens when we get together.” Smith disagreed though, “You’re entitled to your opinion. To me, it’s like we’ve done the fist-pumping funk songs and did it great. We still love to do it, and there are a few on there – ‘Can’t Stop’, and ‘By The Way’ has some elements – but it’s like you can’t keep doing the same thing. You have to change. It’s more difficult to write a simple, melodic song.” Canoe.ca has since removed the article.

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