Flaming Lips Sound ‘2112’ On ‘Yoshimi’ A-Side

Touted as a concept album without a distinct concept, the Flaming Lips’ latest effort ‘Yoshimi’ tells a bizarre story of love, sacrifice and redemption, all contextualized in the heroine Yoshimi and a robot smitten with its adversary, committing suicide rather than defeating its beloved. “Technically speaking, the first four or five songs are like a classic ’70s vinyl Rock album; like, for lack of a better example, Rush’s ‘2112’,” drummer/multi-instrumentalist Steven Drozd tells Cincinnati CityBeat. “The first side was the story about the future; everything’s run by machines and this guy finds a guitar. It’s hokey, but when I was 10, it was magic. Then the second side has nothing to do with ‘2112’. That’s the way I look at this one. You could take the first half of the record and say, ‘That’s all one concept.’ People have been trying to read the whole record, which is cool.”

The story at citybeat.com has since been removed/relocated.

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