Filter Frontman Readies Album, Checks Out Audioslave

frontman Richard Patrick posted a new message on the band’s official website. “It’s all about the rock: I’ve written 5 songs for the new record and right now this feels so much like ‘the Richard Patrick drum machine record’, it’s awesome,” he explained. “Not that I’m excluding Geno and the guys, but time and Filter wait for no one. I’m doing all sorts of crazy stuff with my music, it’s hard, it’s light, it’s all over the place, and it’s very celestial at times as my girlfriend puts it. On another note, I went and saw last night at The Palladium. It was a night of amends because the last time I was at the Palladium I think they very gently asked me to leave because I was so wasted. But now that I’m a good boy I kind of went back and made sure they knew I was alive and well and thankful that they didn’t call the cops. But yeah, Audioslave rocked and it was very sweet of a lot of their fans to come up and comment on how much they loved ‘The Amalgamut’. So make sure that you have a chance to see those guys live before they wrap it up and head back to the studio, they’re great. That’s it for me.”

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