Fieldy Says Touring And Making Albums Are Both Fun

Talia Soghomonian of NY Rock interviewed Fieldy of and asked him if the group would like to have the longevity of the Rolling Stones or U2. “I don’t know yet. It depends,” he admits. “Ask me that two years from now and I might say I’m ready to retire.” Asked whether he enjoys playing live or making an album, Fieldy said, “Both. They’re both different fun. Playing live, you get to show off and play the songs you created in the studio. But to be in the studio, you get to create. When you play live, you don’t get to create. After being on tour for a while, it kind of sucks, because sometimes you don’t want to go play because you’re playing the same songs every night. But when you’re in the studio, there’s never a dull moment, because you’re in there creating every day.” Check out the entire interview here.

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