Feeder Talk About Touring After Jon Lee’s Death

Radio 1 chatted with Grant Nicholas, Taka Hirose and new drummer Mark Richardson about the new album ‘Comfort in Sound’. Following the death of Jon Lee, the group has put references to his loss in their new album. With the lyric in ‘Quick To Fade’: ‘I miss you more than words can say’, you’d imagine that it will be difficult for the group to tour and sing those lyrics. “Yeah. I did actually find that one quite hard to sing. I had to bite my lip a few times when we played that one at the festivals, but I really wanted to play that one I thought it was an important song to play. The thing is with these songs, there is a lot of sadness in there but I think for someone who doesn’t know anything about the songs are quite open for interpretation.” Audio at bbc.co.uk/radio1 has since been removed.

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