Farrell Says It Wasn’t Right For Jane’s To Go Electronic

of Jane’s Addiction talked to The Kansas City Star last week about the new record, the new festival and how bio-diesel fuel may be part of rock’s conscientious future. Asked why the new record has no overt electronic moments, Farrell responded, “I love electronic music, but I honestly didn’t think it was right to ask Jane’s Addiction to play to loops. I think it’s slightly demoralizing to our musicians. Stephen Perkins is a fruitful drummer. He’s polyrhythmic, he creates beautiful accents off the vocals. He’s not a straight 2/4 player. And it just didn’t feel right at all to chain (guitarist) Dave Navarro to a loop. So we got the meat and potatoes down in the flesh and added some subsonic synth sounds and a few effects behind the drums, but that’s about it. I love both kinds of music, but I don’t think you have to merge them to appreciate them.”

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