Fan Explains Puddle Of Mudd Arrest From Inside Source

A fan on the Puddle of Mudd message board claimed to have an inside source who gave details on the arrest of frontman Wes Scantlin. Goddess72 wrote, “To get the story straight before there are any rumors…
Wes’s girlfriend was in the back seat with Wes in the front, and Steve (assistant) driving when she got pissed and started being violent and punched Steve too. They pulled over to get things calmed down and she got out of the car and got on her knees and started crying when they tried to help her back in the car. Passerbys made something big out of something small and called the police. Cops pulled over Steve, Wes, and his g/f with guns drawn. Wes, being a rockstar, was arrested too even though he was not the violent one. That is what I heard from a good source.”

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