‘Family Values Tour 2001’ Due Out May 7

Elektra announced the plan for a May 7 release of a ‘Family Values Tour 2001’ live album, the third such release to document the popular annual rock tour. STP’s ‘Wonderful’ will be the first song to be released off the album, being sent next week to U.S. radio outlets for airplay consideration. There also may be a DVD to accompany the disc. Read on for a track list.

Tracklist for “Family Values Tour 2001”:

Stone Temple Pilots, “Vasoline”

, “Runaway”

, “Fade”

Stone Temple Pilots, “Wonderful”

Static-X, “Push It”

Staind, “It’s Been Awhile”

Stone Temple Pilots, “Wicked Garden”

Static-X, “Cold”

Aaron Lewis, “Black” ( cover)

Stone Temple Pilots with Aaron Lewis, “Creep”

Deadsy, “Tom Sawyer” (Rush cover)

Linkin Park with Aaron Lewis, “One Step Closer”

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