Expect More In-Your-Face Rock On AFI’s Next Album

Blender spoke with bassist Hunter Burgan after he was awarded Top Music Twitter honors for his site Tranquil Mammoth at the 2009 Shorty Awards in Brooklyn. Asked about the band’s next album, Burgan responded, “In typical AFI fashion w’ere taking our time. We’ve been working on it in the studio or writing it for like a year and half. We’ve done an extensive amount of demo-ing, more so than we’ve ever done in the past. This is definitely more of a rock album—more immediate and definitely more of a focused, direct approach musically. Compared to [2006’s] ‘Decemberunderground’, where some of the songs were more subtle, these are more in-your-face. We expect to be done in time to tour on the record this summer. But whether or not it’s out, we’ll be on the road.”

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One thought on “Expect More In-Your-Face Rock On AFI’s Next Album

  1. Raeanna says:

    I love this band and wish to one day met them good luck on the next CD!

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