Ex-Pantera Frontman Strikes Back At Whining Vinnie And Dime

Former frontman Philip Anselmo spoke to MetalAlliance.org last Friday (Jan. 30) about the recent bad-mouthing in the press between the various ex-members of the band and his future plans with his current main project, Superjoint Ritual. Asked how people are reacting to the breakup of Pantera, Philip said, “Not well at all. I mean, yeah, some people have taken Superjoint to heart, and stuff like that, but it seems like the other guys in Pantera are just on this warpath fu**ing with me and they just can’t shut up about how much I fu**ed them over and this and that. Look, man, being in a band is like a marriage you know — if a band breaks up, it’s everybody’s fu**ing fault, you know. They can’t see their own faults, because they’re too busy looking at mine, you know. Of course, I’m not faultless, but neither are they. You’ve got to understand — it comes from all four of us, you know, and it’s time to grow up man and knock off all this sh**-talking to other people, you know — just talking sh**, because in all honesty, me and Pantera we worked together for fu**ing 17 years, practically, and for it to end with bitterness and hatred is just silly. I’m not going to buy into it, you know, but just to let the fans know, I did not abandon my cause, and my cause is to create extreme fu**ing music and support heavy metal music the best way I know how, and with Superjoint Ritual, I’m just continuing on in my own way with extreme music and I’m just taking one step at a time and you know open your mind and your hearts and just fu**ing take it in its fu**ing bad ass! And it’s not supposed to sound like Pantera. Pantera is Pantera.”

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