Ex-Megadeth Member Nick Menza Talks Firing

Ex- drummer Nick Menza spoke with Metal-Sludge.com about his firing from the band after 10 years playing with Dave Mustaine. Nick explained, “I went in for knee surgery and after I got a call from Dave. He basically said that my services were no longer needed. I though he was fu**in with me, but he was serious it turns out. I told him it was my band too. He said ‘No, it’s my band’ and that was that. I was pissed at first, then relieved a bit.” As for why he didn’t do the VH1 Behind The Music featuring Megadeth, he explained, “I was asked to by the producer. I didn’t want to, because I know that they can chop it up and what I really say can be altered. Dave has the last word on all things done and at the time, I was not going to be made to look like an idiot by being edited. So, i declined.” Read more.

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4 thoughts on “Ex-Megadeth Member Nick Menza Talks Firing

  1. Larsson Stieg says:

    Megadeth, we love you!

  2. Megadeth Fan. says:

    I will always love Megadeth and all the band members no matter what.

  3. NickMenzaFan says:

    Nick Menza you are truly the BEST MEGADETH drummer there ever was or will be. I grew up with your sh**. I miss you bro!

  4. Jim Bo says:

    Nick is the only reason megadeth,ruled now they suck it’s to bad Dave is such a dick,your a killer drummer a dedicated father and all around good dude,i totally miss the real megadeth that your input brought this planet during those years of the magic,love you life.

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