Everclear’s ‘Slowmotion Daydream’ Due Out In March

Everclear 'Slowmotion Daydream'

frontman Art Alexakis reports the band’s album ‘Slowmotion Daydream’ will drop on March 11, while the first single ‘Volvo Driving Soccer Mom’ will arrive January 14th on American radio. “When Capitol sends the CD out for reviews, some writer somewhere will send it to somebody who will download it,” Art explained on the band’s website. “I don’t like it. It’s something I’ve worked on for a year and put my heart and soul into and I would like to be able to show it to the world in my own way and in my own time. But that said, if you do download it, and you like the record, I would like to ask you to buy it when it comes out. It’s the right thing to do.”

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