Everclear Stays Relevant By Enjoying Their Music

has continued to be one of the few staples on modern-rock radio, even as frontman Art Alexakis has hit 40 and the audience for modern rock has remained younger than that. “I guess I am making this kind of rock music that a lot of people younger than me are also making and buying,” he admitted to Matt Ashare of the Boston Phoenix. “But I still enjoy this kind of music. And I still listen to this kind of music. My frustration with most rock music that I listen to is not necessarily in the music but the words. That’s the one thing that I think makes us different from the average rock band out there. And that’s probably both contributed to our success and kept us at times from being more successful. I mean, I don’t write really stupid lyrics.” The full story at Bostonphoenix.com has since been removed.

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