Everclear Knows The Formula, Leaves Crowd Smiling

Blair R. Fischer of Metromix.com reviewed the show at Chicago’s Riviera Theatre on Thursday. He writes, “Make no mistake, Everclear has made alt-pop hits an art form — Art Alexakis-form, to be exact. The bleached-white blond frontman for Everclear has a thing for the ‘na nas.’ They literally make two of the group’s biggest hits. On ‘Wonderful,’ a steady stream of ‘nas’ give the song its vocal hook, and on the first single off Everclear’s sixth album, ‘Slow Motion Daydream,’ it’s the compound ‘na na’ repeated over the chorus that steers ‘Volvo Driving Soccer Mom.’ When you hear them back-to-back — as was the case Thursday night at Chicago’s Riviera Theatre — it all seems quite silly, and yet no one was laughing, and everyone was singing along.” Read more.

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