Evanescence Gives Fans What They Want At Saltair

Dan Nailen of The Salt Lake Tribune reviewed the concert at Saltair where the group performed on Thursday (September 4) as part of the Nintendo Fusion Tour. Nailen writes, “Hitting the stage at 10:45 p.m., Evanescence delivered exactly what the bevy of new fans were expecting: epic pop-metal psychodramas with an estrogen twist. [Singer Amy] Lee, who writes all the songs with longtime musical partner [and guitarist Ben] Moody, is the focal point of the band’s live show, bouncing back and forth across the stage, chatting up the crowd between songs, wearing a colorful skirt to offset the black-clad musicians behind her (Moody even wore a hood covering his face most of the show). Her voice moves from ethereal heights to a low growl, which helped songs like the opening ‘Haunted’ and ‘Going Under’ achieve the band’s goal of being both heavy and pretty.” Sltrib.com has since removed the article.

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