Evanescence Gets A Kick Start With Lineup Change

Kevin C. Johnson of St. Louis Post-Dispatch recently caught up with singer Amy Lee, who talked about the band’s recent lineup changes. “It’s really given the band the kick start it needed, and a real breath of new life,” Lee said. “Things were at a point where they were so bad, something like that had to happen with the lineup change. That’s never something you want. It’s a last resort. It’s like a relationship, when you try and try to make it work and it just doesn’t and you have to break up. But it did happen, and now we have Will [Hunt, drums] and Troy [McLawhorn, guitar], who are such passionate players and cool guys. And now when we’re up there, we’re having a lot of fun. I think that has made the show a lot better.” The artilce at stltoday.com has since been removed.

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