Evanescence A Breath Of Fresh Air At House Of Blues

Josh Bell of the Las Vegas Weekly was on hand for the show at House of Blues, giving it three stars. “The guys in Revis, especially, looked like they were auditioning for a high-school battle of the bands, wearing interchangeable T-shirt-and-jeans combos and spending most of their time staring at their instruments as if they just learned to play,” Bell said of the opener. “Cold [the other opening band] was barely any better.” He added, “So when Evanescence took the stage for their short, hour-long set, it was more than a breath of fresh air: It was a pure oxygen rush. Singer Amy Lee actually looked like a rock star—something you can’t say about Staind’s Aaron Lewis or Linkin Park’s Chester Bennington, for example—and acted like one, too, giddily romping around the stage as her band did its best Revis/Cold impression. You could forgive them, though: Aside from guitarist Ben Moody, the rest of Evanescence are hired hands, backing the duo that wrote and recorded the year’s most massive rock record.” Lasvegasweekly.com has since removed the article.

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