Evan Dando: WTC Attacks “Kind Of Beautiful”

Lemonheads singer is again making controversial comments about the September 11, 2001 terror attacks in New York City. He had told Chart Attack in 2003 why he left New York City to live in Paris. “New York lost its romance for me when it became part of the United States on September 11th,” Dando explained.

Now, Dando is saying that witnessing the planes striking the World Trade Center towers from his nearby New York apartment roof “kind of beautiful”. The Sun quotes him as saying, “I had a good experience that day. I’d always wanted to see a plane crash. I don’t know if that’s morbid – it was kind of beautiful in a weird way. I could almost reach out and touch the plane as it came in. I started to get really sad about 9/11 about a year later, once I’d realized people had died in there. It was nothing to do with the planes hitting the buildings, them falling down. I know that for sure. It was a bomb planted in the building. Maybe it was al-Qaeda that planted it, but I very much doubt it.”

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