Evan Dando Leaving New York For Paris

is ditching New York to live in Paris with new wife Elizabeth Simon. The former Lemonheads frontman tells Chart Attack, “If you have kids, you want to give them the natural advantage of speaking two languages. We have a lot of friends there. It just a logical thing. It’s brighter, there’s better food. It’s just awe-inspiringly beautiful.” Asked why it was better than the experience of living in New York City, Dando explained, “New York lost its romance for me when it became part of the United States on September 11th. It really felt like an island, you know the cliché, it was an island off the coast off the United States, which it was definitely for me. September 11 fu**ed all that up. You know, how many American flags can you see before you start to go crazy? 666, that’s how many!”

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