Europeans And Americans React Differently To Interpol

bandmates Daniel Kessler (guitar) and Carlos Dengler (bass) recently spoke with Neal Weiss of and Daniel was asked about what the band felt was different about the U.S. and Europe’s reaction to their music. “I think the U.S. and Europe just operate differently,” Kessler said. “Europe is always looking for new bands and they get excited about new bands and they have ways of getting new bands heard. They have shows like the John Peel’s show, which is all about exposing new music. America tends to, I feel, wait for a band to be signed to a label that people care about and already have an interest in, and then they start developing from there. But the don’t always look out for new bands. I mean, obviously a band like the Strokes kind of like broke that open a little more, but then again, the Strokes broke over in Europe first and then came back over to America. So I just think it’s a different way that they operate.”

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