Epic’s Investment In Cradle Of Filth Looks Shaky

It’s hard to think of any logical reason to explain why Epic Records thought the black-metal scene was such an untapped gold mine of commercial potential that it gave Cradle of Filth the opportunity to “waste as much money as possible, lots of makeup, lots of beer, 77-minute-long albums,” bassist David Pubis tells Michael Tedder of the Kansas City Pitch. “The budget is huge — we could afford a 44-piece orchestra and a 32-piece choir. It’s so extreme.” After only a brief Billboard 200 chart showing of ‘Damnation & A Day’, and the banned the video for ‘Babalon AD (So Glad for the Madness),’ the investment started to look a little shaky. “I think [Epic] knows now,” Pubis admits. “It’s too extreme. We got a good chart position because of hard-core fans. We bent over backwards for MTV to show our last video, and they didn’t play it. We won’t be bending over backwards again.” Read more.

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