EoDM’s Hughes: The White Michael Jackson Of Rock’n’Roll – Axl Rose

Jesse ‘The Devil Hughes of Eagles of Death Metal caught up with Australia’s Time Off magazine, where he was asked to list off the most surreal moments he’s experienced so far with the band. “The whole fact I’m in a rock band is pretty surreal,” Hughes admitted. “Getting out of rehab and going immediately on tour with the Foo Fighters – that was pretty surreal. Opening up for Joan Jett every night for a month – that was fu**ing surreal. Seeing the white Michael Jackson of rock’n’roll – Axl Rose – call my band the ‘Pigeons Of Sh** Metal’ from the very stage I’d just played – that was also pretty fu**ing surreal. Playing a ‘ladies-only’ gig in Soho when 400 chicks showed up – 400 beautiful babes dressed to the nines – that was surreal. We served champagne at the door, and 400 champagne glasses went in the air when we came out on stage! Of course, the other amazing thing about that night was hitting on this amazing blonde girl who was smoking while standing at the door. I’m walking back and forth looking at her, and eventually I go up to her and start making her giggle. Then I’m like ‘What’s your name baby?’, and she’s like ‘My name’s Lloyd’. That was pretty fu**ing surreal! I didn’t see the Adam’s apple!” The article at timeoff.com.au has since been removed.

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