Electric Six Release Their Yuppie Record

vocalist Dick Valentine spoke with Time Off magazine about having a stable band line-up for the past two years, which could explain the more restrained tone of their third album ‘Switzerland’. “Yeah, that’s because we made a lot of money and we’re all adults,” joked Valentine. “We’re drinking a lot of red wine and hanging out with rich people. We’re definitely slowing down – we’re yuppies. This is our yuppie record. I want those 16-year-old kids to hate us and be calling us a bunch of corporate sell-outs. They’ll be shouting ‘You sold out!’ and I’ll be like ‘Yep, we did! Try this merlot, it’s fabulous! You’ll understand when you’re 35!’. We are embracing our thirties – that’s what this record’s all about.” The article at timeoff.com.au has since been removed.

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