Elcodrive Hopes Its Business Savvy Will Help Snare Record Deal

The Boston Globe spoke with Elcodrive singer Mike Golarz and guitarist Mike Courcy who sees their band under scrutiny for their commercialism. ”Why is it in every business in the world when you strive to make money it’s cool, except if you’re an artist?” asks Courcy, who lives in his parents’ basement in Taunton and works a day job as a cook in a diner. ”Someday I’d like a family, a house, security. Maybe some dental insurance.” Golarz concedes, ”We’re not knocking anybody out with our ability to create a new genre of music. ‘We’re just writing catchy songs with catchy melodies, the type of stuff that sticks with me when I hear it on the radio. That’s why a major label deal is very important.” Boston.com has since removed the article.

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