Eilera ‘Fusion’ Video

Eilera are out with the video to their new single ‘Fusion’, the title track from the Montpellier, France duo’s full-length debut album, out now on Spinefarm/Universal. Eilera, featuring vocalist Eilera and guitarist Loic Tezenas, describes the song: “There is a girl feeling her feet freezing in the snow. She is watching two men training a young horse, and a cold sun is setting. She is filled with strong emotions that make her heart beat faster with passion and excitement, and her head is flying a little bit. For her self is filled with contrasts that make her feel very much alive: the warmth of her blood and the cold on her body, the smoke that is coming out of the horses’ nostrils in the freezing air, as well as the energy of his movements in the dormant nature, the sleeping trees with so much life inside that will come out as soon as the snow will be gone, the fire of the sun setting on the white snow, and all of these bringing her back to the warm passionate freedom she has enjoyed a few hours before with a man of warm and cold blood.” Watch it below.

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