Eddie Vedder Talks Frankly About Bush Administration

Graham Reid of The New Zealand Herald had a rather thoughtful and political discussion with frontman Eddie Vedder, who blasted the current administration for their financial ties to big oil and uneven foreign policy. Asked whether he thinks about being considered “the enemy”, Vedder said, “Oh yeah, and I have to be careful about that. I have pretty strong feelings about this stuff and I see Cheney on television in Washington this week not answering the question, ‘What right do we have to go into Iraq?’ It’s just based on fear and do they have the weapons we think they might have? What right do we have to go into another country and change regimes? What right?” Reid responded, “Indeed, why not go into Zimbabwe?” Vedder agreed, “Exactly. And why do we give $3 billion to Israel and $300 million to Africa?” Nzherald.co.nz has since removed the article.

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