Eddie Vedder Should Practice What He Preaches

Caleb Sheaffer of the Penn State Collegian shared his thoughts on ’s Eddie Vedder and says the singer should practice what he preaches. Sheaffer writes, “Like an overzealous fifth grader telling his teacher what he really thinks of him/her, Vedder is sort of biting the hand that feeds him. I recall waking up at 10 in the morning the day Pearl Jam tickets went on sale… Bush and Ticketmaster run on the same values, the ideologies based on profits. So when Pearl Jam make fun of ol’ W. in the song ‘Bushleaguer,’ it doesn’t seem like they realize the money in their pockets is there for a couple of reasons, one being our government’s inability to break-up monopolistic practices in the music industry.”

The story at collegian.psu.edu has since been removed.

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