Eddie Vedder Relates To Chris McCandless

While writing music for ‘Dead Man Walking’, singer Eddie Vedder tells Time Off magazine he found ample inspiration in the subject of the flick, Chris McCandless. “It wasn’t hard for me to understand the kid,” Vedder admitted of the young man just out of college, who ditched all his friendships and material possessions in the mid-90s and went walkabout all across America. “I still feel so connected and have such strong memories of being at that age where you see the bullsh** in the world and want to know how you can address it, how can you maintain some idealism, and how to not become the same authority figures that you’re growing up around. This was an opportunity to kind of revisit that stuff. I think it takes real guts to do what Chris did, and even if there was recklessness involved, it’s the kind of recklessness we miss later when we’re settled in and wonder what we could have done with our lives.” The article at timeoff.com.au has since been removed.

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