Eddie Vedder Recalls The Horror Of Roskilde

Fred Mills of The Seattle Weekly caught up with the guys from ahead of the release of ‘Riot Act’, and got comments from frontman Eddie Vedder on the group’s darkest moment, the Roskilde Festival on June 30, 2000, in Copenhagen. “The days following [Roskilde], we were all pretty inconsolable,” Vedder revealed. “I’m sure that the families and friends have had to live with it in much rougher ways than us. But our own personal experience was that we were practically in the fetal position over the reality of what had happened. Pete and Roger from the Who both called, and the one question I asked Pete was, ‘What does this mean karmically? Why did it happen to us, since it seems we had worked so hard to maintain safety for the people who came?’ Because it’s always been safety first and respect for the people who come to see us. And he actually turned it around: ‘It might have happened to you because you could handle it.'” Read more.

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