Eddie Vedder Feels More Protective Of The Future

frontman Eddie Vedder tells Pulse magazine he’s becoming more aware of his mortality with the deaths of his friends in the music business. “Then there was the passing of close friends, like Layne [Staley, of Alice In Chains]. And even John Entwistle for me was a real blow, a shocker,” Vedder said. “And Dee Dee [Ramone]–that was a shocker. It’s almost weird that we can walk around as confident as we do, and not be completely petrified of death all the time. And just the way people drive in Los Angeles now is insane. In California the other day, I saw this ginormous SUV, bigger than a New York apartment, and there was a Bush/Cheney bumper sticker on it, an NRA bumper sticker, and one that said, ‘While you’re honking, I’m reloading.’ What an asshole. So now I feel more protective of the future and wanting to continue and maybe looking into the face of parenthood and all this kinda stuff. Whereas back in ’92, I felt like I had nothing to lose.”

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