Eagles Of Death Metal Show Their Softer Side On ‘Heart On’

Jesse Hughes of Eagles of Death Metal spoke with Australia’s Time Off magazine about the band’s third studio album ‘Heart On’, which features a pair of lovesick ballads, ‘Now I’m A Fool’ and ‘How Can A Man With So Many Friends Feel So Alone’, which deviate from the rock grouip’s traditional material about girls and sex. “Those two songs, Joshua literally almost had to fight me to make me wanna put them on the album,” Hughes explained. “It caused arguments. It was hard for me, almost the hardest thing I’ve ever fu**ing done, to allow that reality to go into play in public. ‘Now I’m a Fool’ sounds like it’s a sad, heartbreak song, but it was just the way I dealt with growing up. I was really falling in love with a Hollywood personality, who’s one of my best friends. But there was this weird, critical moment of growing up where I realized her friendship was more important to me than the strange, almost absolute possibility that we would never be able to romantically involved. In order to keep her I had to let a part of her go, and it fu**ing didn’t feel good.”

The full interview at beat.com.au has since been removed.

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