E! Reviewer Behind Cancelled Guns N’ Roses Tour?

Howard Stern read the Blender magazine article about Guns N’ Roses and how they cancelled their shows following the Madison Square Garden concert. Howard said Axl Rose was upset about a DJ said some stuff about the show not being all that great. According to the article, it was Rose tuning into Howard’s show and hearing Doug Goodstein from E! badmouthing the show he’d seen the night before that drove him over the edge. That’s what they claim caused Axl to cancel the rest of their concerts. Howard said he loved it and thought it was pretty funny. Robin wondered if Doug knows the power he has. Doug called in and said it blew his mind when he heard about that. He said that band was his favorite of all time. He said it can’t be because of him. Howard joked that Doug is going to bring down the Rolling Stones next.

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