Durst: Limp Bizkit Album ‘Not An Instant Smash Record’

frontman Fred Durst has posted the following message to the band’s official web site: “Hey there everybody. It’s me, Fred. I have had no time to come in the site yet until now. I have been traveling like a mofo. I hope you like what me, [and webmasters/designers] Tazl, and Ben have done with the new site. It is still a work in progress as you can see, but it wasn’t fair to keep you waiting any longer.

“I am curious to see you in person to feel how you are feeling about [‘Results May Vary’]. as you know it is only the first part of our journey since we’ve recorded over thirty songs. So sink your teeth into this one while you can.

“As you have probably noticed we have been on MTV a lot these pass [sic] couple of weeks. The show launch was a lot of information for those who can’t handle the truth, but for those that can it was a way to bring you the most raw form of us as best we could without actually being with you. Those cameras were there ALL THE FU**ING TIME!! To see over a year and a half crammed into five episodes is mind boggling. There were a lot of things you didn’t see between the lines and a lot of the things you did see. If you didn’t get a chance to see it then it will be on this weekend. Like our album it is very personal, sincere, and real. Those things tend to scare people away who cannot relate to sincerity and reality. I can’t figure out if I am stoked to be so revealed or just another victim of my own decisions.

“[‘Results May Vary’] is not an instant ‘smash’ record. It is an album that will take time to sink in. The words have a much deeper than they read on the first time or two. Things will start speaking to you the more you listen. Something about it has kept me listening over and over again. For example, ‘Underneath The Gun’ is about suicide and the struggle you can have when ending your life becomes an option. If it weren’t for creativity and the hope for true love it would have been much more of an option more often. It’s those types of dark moments in life that I have learned and grown from. I continue to evolve each new second that floats by me. Think about it. Give it another listen when you are in an absorbing frame of mind.

“As the worlds turns, so do feelings and beliefs. Life and love are the most powerful things in the universe. Doesn’t mean either one is good or bad thing, but equally both.

“The site is on its way!! Life is just beginning for all of us. Don’t ever let anyone get in your way.”

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