Duff McKagan Was With Kurt Cobain Hours Before Suicide

In a recent interview with Germany’s WDR.de, bassist Duff McKagan revealed that he shared a flight from Los Angeles to Seattle with the late frontman Kurt Cobain only hours prior to Cobain’s decision to take his own life in April 1994. Commented McKagan: “I was actually probably the last guy to see [Cobain] before he died. Took a flight back up to Seattle and Kurt was sitting next to me. We were in first class. He goes, ‘Man, I just escaped Exodus, this rehab [center in Marina del Rey, CA].’ And he was really in despair. He didn’t know what to do. He couldn’t find a way out of that. So we were both drinking on the plane and stuff — it was a short flight, a two-hour flight — and we got to the airport — it was a Friday night — and my friend Eddie came to pick me up. Kurt had a car service picking him up, he didn’t have any friend picking him up, unfortunately. And the next night my manager called. That night he had killed himself.”

A 43-second audio recording of McKagan talking about Kurt Cobain at wdr.de has since been removed.

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