Duff McKagan: I Didn’t Diss Axl Rose

Writing to the forum, Duff McKagan claimed the quotes attributed to him saying that Axl Rose never wrote any of the music in Guns N’ Roses in an interview with The Times-Picayune were untrue. “Please don’t believe everything you read,” McKagan said. “A lot of times things are taken out of context or just plain misquoted. This not only happens to me, but to all of the guys in the band. Interviews are often done on the phone, or in a crowded place jotted down on a piece of paper, then… the article will be written a couple of days later. We all know what can happen to one’s memory even in that short of a period. No one is perfect, and sometimes we come out of these things looking like stupid jerks… trust me, we are not. Interviews are a necessary evil that more often than not turn out to benefit the band and hopefully enlighten a new audience.”

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