Dude, San Diego Is So The Next Seattle

Caley Cook of San Diego CityBeat writes: “Dude, San Diego is so the next Seattle. Um, yeah. Tread lightly, my friend. This statement flows too often from industry types who dream of being associated with grandeur, and it’s been an old, empty hype dream since Drive Like Jehu traded in their ride. Who is our Kurt? Who will ever be our tit-baring Courtney? Who would wish such sacrificial spectacle upon themselves? We should be grateful that San Diego’s nothing like the Seattle of pop-music mythology. Lifting our city’s status through alterna-hype will only bring the Britney-pop revolution that inevitably followed. So let’s just chalk up the magnitude of our bubbly little music scene to pure providence and go about our business of appreciating it.” Read more, including comments from Loud and Clear Records’s owner Brad Lee, here.

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