Drummer Exits Raging Speedhorn

A posting at Raging Speedhorn’s official website announced that drummer Frank Regan has left the band. Guitarist Gareth ‘Gaz’ Smith had this to say on his departure: “I want you all to know that in no way was Frank kicked out of the band. His situation is complicated and he’s got a lot on with his family and the fact is he just can’t commit to touring anymore. Which is no good to anyone. I have to admit that the timing isn’t exactly great and it’s always a blow to lose someone from the band but the last thing that is going to happen is another tour being cancelled! No fu**ing way! So, we’ll deal with this blow like we do every other, we’ll fight through it. Raging Speedhorn has never had a band leader and we’ve all agreed from day one that no one is bigger than the band. We’re as good as the records we’re writing and when we feels the songs we write don’t justify Raging Speedhorn then we’ll stop, but not before. And we’re all absolutely delighted with the new record! So we’re ready to get the fu** back on the road for the next however long it’s gonna be until we start thinking about writing the next record. We’re not sure if Kev is gonna be permanent yet, we’ll just wait and see. Like i said, it’s always sad to lose someone but the fact is that when you’re in a band on our level, which is where you’re expected to tour kind of a lot, but don’t exactly make loads of money out of then things like this happen, people get older and get families and that’s just part of it. It’s sad but it happens. Anyway, we’re looking forward to getting back on the road and seeing you guys really soon. It’s gonna be fu**ing ace! See you at the bar!”

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