Drowning Pool’s Williams Explains Cremated Fan Incident

singer Dave Williams told Launch.com more details on the cremated remains they were given of a dead fan of the group. Williams said, “Ozzfest last year we were signing autographs at a signing and this lady came up with a zip-loc bag full of this white powder, and we were all going, ‘Uh maybe you shouldn’t have that out like that. It’s illegal.’ She goes, ‘No this is my boyfriend. He was a big Drowning Pool fan and he died and he was cremated,’ and we went, ‘OK….?’ ‘I want you to spread his ashes over the crowd when you sing ‘Bodies.’ That was his favorite song.’ And we went, ‘OK.’ Of course we didn’t because you know you can’t… ‘Don’t worry this is just a dead guy.'”

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