Drowning Pool’s New Frontman Introduces Himself

Drowning Pool

posted a message on their official web site confirming that they have recruited former Soil frontman Ryan McCombs to replace their last vocalist, Jason “Gong” Jones, who left the band in early June. “When I walked away from music to be with my family nearly a year ago, my wife told me that if I ever got the chance to do it again with good people like [Drowning Pool’s] CJ, Stevie and Mike she would want me to do it,” McCombs said. “She could always hear in my voice the love and respect that I have for them by the way I would speak of them. Those close to me have wished for a long time that I would get the opportunity to once again do what I love to do — create music, with people I love being around and in an environment that I could stand to breathe in. Drowning Pool has given me this opportunity and for them, their fans, Jo and Charlie Williams, and, of course, their son Mr. Dave ‘Stage’ Williams, I will do everything and anything I can to make you proud of the name you all worked so hard to build. Thanks for the confidence and the acceptance that has been shown already. As soon as I can get through ‘Tear Away’ without watering up like a little bitch, I’ll be ready to rip some sh** up out there with y’all…”

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