Driving On Tour Is No Fun For The Postelles Bassist

The Postelles

bassist John Speyer spoke with Donewaiting.com in a Q&A, where the recording artist talked about the band being compared to The Strokes, working with Albert Hammond Jr., long drives on tour, how he loves talking about baseball and music, being excited about The Stone Roses reuniting, and more.

“We did Vegas to New York in 45 hours. To be honest, they are all tolerable, we have to do them all,” Speyer said about road trips. “I spend so much time in the van, I dread anything more than 20 minutes. My ideal would be a 3-hour drive every day but that never happens. We try not to do the overnight thing but sometimes we’re forced to. You play 25 shows in 30 days, if you’re going crazy and staying out until 3am and then driving, you just lose your mind right away.”

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