Draiman Says It Doesn’t Matter He’s Disturbed’s Mouthpiece

MTV News chatted with the guys from , though it was mostly David Draiman talking and the rest of the band sitting quietly. He’s not the sole creative force of Disturbed though, while the vocal melodies are his, most of the caustic riffs and jackhammer beats were written by Donegan, bassist Fuzz and drummer Mike Wengren. “It doesn’t really matter who writes what or who talks about it,” Donegan said when asked whether the rest of the band resents Draiman getting all the attention. “We’ll do whatever works best for the song and the band. The bottom line is if we’re writing something and the hairs on the back of your neck ain’t standin’ up then we’re not gonna keep it. But if we’re connecting and the music and the lyrics all come together, then it’s magic to us. And that’s why we got into this in the first place — to experience that magic.” The full story at mtv.com has since been removed.

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